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How do I keep my purchases fresh?

Cookies are made fresh to order and are individually sealed for freshness. If you want to save your cookies for longer than two weeks simply put them in the freezer! They thaw in minutes and are just as tasty as ever.

Do you offer gluten free items?

We offer a good range of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan desserts in our store at 26 Chestnut St. Ridgewood. We also offer gluten free sugar cookies upon request.

Do you make any vegan items?

Our shop offers a variety of gluten free and vegan options. Our bakery creates and bakes new treats weekly. From beet root brownies to magic bars, you'll always have something to enjoy.

Do you ship?

We do! Place an order of any of our stuffed cookie chocolate chip variety boxes and we will send it out right away!

We do not offer shipping for our custom designer sugar cookies, dippers, ice cream sandwich and cookie dough.

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