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Our Story

a little bite of art

From an early age my favorite past time was drawing. I would draw for hours at a time, finding great joy in giving my creations to anyone who would take them. I knew early on all I wanted to do was create for a living! 

When I married and moved to New Jersey, I wanted to find a fun hobby I could invest time in. I found cake decorating classes and spent four months learning the culinary art of cake design. This launched my love and curiosity into what else I could decorate. I landed my love of cookies and haven't looked back.

I now pride myself in providing unique one of a kind cookies experiences to my customers. My goal is to not only create outstanding cookies to look at, but amazing cookies to eat! I find the whole package deal to be incredibly important. My cookies are baked fresh to order and hours of time spent customizing the WOW factor.

You wont find cookies like mine anywhere else!

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