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Our Sweet Reviews!

Justine did an amazing job on my daughters RDH graduation cookies. There wasn’t two identical cookies and each one was gorgeous. She even tweaked the recipe to accommodate our personal taste. Thank u Justine for helping to make this occasion extra special, as well as delicious.

Kimberly Pronesti 

Justine is fantastic to work with! I placed an order of custom cookies for my daughter’s lemon themed 100th day celebration. I sent her a few pictures of what I wanted and she totally delivered. I also couldn’t wait to try them before the party tomorrow and they’re so delicious. The cookies are individually sealed for freshness which I appreciated. Thank you for being so flexible and prompt with all communication. Definitely will be reaching out in the future!
- Nadine Kim

The special delivery box of beautiful Treat Me Sweet cookies had my mother-in-law smiling for days! Thank you so much for making her so happy. I should have recorded the phone call so you could hear how excited she was. She's so happy! She said they were so beautiful she wanted to keep them but she couldn't resist, they smelled and tasted so good. I can't wait to order again. - Jean Terman

Justine made the most beautiful "woodland" themed cookies for my baby shower. They are literally little pieces of art - we almost didn't want to eat them, they were too pretty. but we did eat them and they were as delicious as they were gorgeous. thanks, Justine!!
- Megan Ker

This was my first order with Treat Me Sweet Cookies for my daughters baptism. I sent an image of chocolate wrappers I already had. Expecting a simple cookie design, she went above and BEYOND with matching the cookies to the decorated chocolate wrapper. Blown away by the talent of design on the cookies and the perfection of each one!!
- Su Zey

I sent a picture of my daughters cake to Justine and she asked if she could be creative with the cookies. I was absolutely fine with that and couldn’t be happier with the finished product! Not only were they delicious, but they were so gorgeous! Everyone was so happy with them. I highly recommend her!
- Katie Verdiccio

Justine is an artist! She made these beautiful “woodland” cookies for my daughters baby shower. The attention to detail is amazing, they look exactly like the nursery bedding. Did I mention they’re also delicious?! If you’re looking for that special touch you’ll get plenty of oohs and aahs when your guests see this treat! Thank you Justine!
-Kristen Elizabeth

Delicious cookies! TMSC made special “brain” cookies to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the removal of my brain tumor. Put a smile on everyone’s face! Justine is incredibly talent. Making cookies for my daughter’s wedding next! - Barbara Ripston

Truly the most amazing cookies ever!! She is the best to work with and the superhero cookies are better than could have ever been expected!! I highly recommend and wish I had known of the bakery sooner!!
- Christina Killerlane

I bought a Valentines cookie decorating kit for my two young granddaughters and they loved it! The packaging was beautiful and there was plenty of icing and sprinkles to go around. Best of all the cookies are absolutely delicious! Justine is an artist and the quality of everything she does is perfection. You can’t go wrong.
- Donna Gould

I have ordered cookies from Justine several times. Not only are the cookies gorgeous but they are just as delicious! Her attention to detail is amazing. I would highly recommend her for all of your cookie needs!
- Jean Joyce

We had the best cookies ever for our wedding and Valentine’s Day. Justine makes the most amazing cookies - so talented and delicious. She brings a smile to everyone’s face when they get a cookie made by her. So professional and worth every penny. Quality and great service. She can create anything, and it’s all personalized !!! Try her - you won’t be disappointed.
- Alisha Apple

I have ordered cookies from Treat Me Sweet for my son's 3rd birthday party. I requested 3 trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine series, Thomas, Percy and James. They were amazing, each one had a face that was identical to the actual wooden engine, I was blown away. I was feeling great regret when I took my first bite, how could I ruin this artwork. But OMG, once I took that first taste the guilt left and all I wanted was a dozen more all to myself. I will certainly be ordering more cookies from here and I recommend them to everyone!

-Melissa Tegar

I have ordered cookies from Treat Me Sweet for both a first birthday and a bridal shower. Both times, the cookie design and execution was AMAZING! The owner is a true artist. They look so good that you almost don't want to eat them but eventually you give in and take a bite and you are sure glad you did because they taste as good as they look. I will certainly be ordering more cookies from here and I recommend them to everyone!

- Megan Smith

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