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Lead Cookie Designer

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Fair Lawn, NJ 07410, USA

Job Type

Cookie Decorator

About the Role

As the lead decorator you would be responsible for creating and completing highly customized cookie sets for clients and specialty sugar cookie items.
In the beginning we will work together with the clients to create their perfect event cookies. Eventually the privilege of one on one planning with the client will be given to the lead decorator as well as price quotes and planning.
During holiday season, the lead decorator will oversee the holiday cookie production, specialty decorated cookies for gift boxes, platters, etc.
As lead you will use other decorators and staff to help you complete tasks and guide them in what needs to be done.


Must Be:

- Proficient in baking at volume

- Proficient in making dough and royal icing at volume

- An experienced water color artist

- Able to work quickly in a fast pace environment.

- Able to lead other decorators in completing orders and tasks.

- Kind and courteous to coworkers and customers.

- Organized and able to keep a clean work space.

About the Company

Treat Me Sweet Cookies is a fast growing, in demand cookie shop. We're rapidly expanding and looking for talented cookie decorators who want to take their skills to the next level.
As the owner and artist I've separated Treat Me Sweet from other cookie bakeries by offering unique and never before seen designs, water color art, and high end clientele. I'm looking for another artist up to the challenge of expanding this super sweet business.

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